UFGC 2020
Der globale Virus killt die globale Konferenz zum Austausch über nachhaltige Konzepte für Stadtentwicklung
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Nach intensiven Gesprächen und Austausch von Ausstellern, Sprechern und der Stadtverwaltung wurde die Entscheidung getroffen, die Urban Future Global Conference, die vom 1.-3. April in Lissabon stattfinden sollte, abzusagen. Neuer Termin ist der 19.-21. Mai 2021.

Aus aktuellem Anlass ein Statement des UFGC-Veranstalters anlässlich der Konferenzabsage:

Dear CityChanger!
We are heartbroken. UFGC20 is cancelled.

In the light of the global Covid-19 outbreak we couldn’t have guaranteed the health and safety of our attendees, speakers, exhibitors and staff at this year’s URBAN FUTURE global conference, scheduled to take place in Lisbon on April 1-3.
In the past two days we have talked to many of you and heard your thoughts, concerns and fears about the situation. At the same time, numerous partners and speakers had to cancel their attendance due to travel restrictions imposed by their organizations. Each single cancellation meant one missing piece in UFGC’s colourful puzzle of a better urban future.
We have been following the developments and the rapid spread of the virus across Europe closely, assessing it with the Portuguese health authorities and considering the recommendations of the WHO. Although very few cases have been detected in Lisbon and although we could put a number of preventive measures in place before and during the event, it is our assessment that it is not possible to host a gathering of such an international magnitude – with CityChangers coming from 56 countries – without risking everyone’s safety.
A scenario like this one clearly would have never come to our minds and it was our biggest wish to make the conference happen. After all, so many have poured their hearts and souls into it for almost a year now. However, with the quality of the event and the safety of our attendees in mind, we did not see an alternative. The decision was taken late last night by the City of Lisbon and the organizer UFGC.
With this email we inform you about the cancellation as early as possible, hoping it will give you the chance to rearrange your travel plans and schedules.
What’s next? First of all, stay tuned for more information. Then rest assured: UFGC20 might be cancelled, but we will provide you with the best alternatives possible. We’ll work on a series of digital sessions with speakers from this edition. And definitely mark your calendar for May 19-21, 2021, when UFGC will be back bigger than ever in Rotterdam. Hopefully with you! The amount you paid for your ticket is credited 1:1 towards your UFGC21 ticket.

Thank you so much for your continuous support and understanding! And keep making your city more sustainable, no matter what.

Gerald Babel-Sutter CEO & Co-Founder UFGC GmbH
José Sá Fernandes Deputy Mayor Coordinator of Lisbon EGC2020